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Compressive Sensing
Using Math to Turn Lo-Res Datasets Into Hi-Res Samples Wired Magazine article
Compressed Sensing: The Big Picture
A list of different hardware implementation of Compressive Sensing
Compressed Sensing 2.0
Compressed Sensing Makes Every Pixel Count – article in the AMS What’s Happening in the Mathematical Sciences series
Nuit Blanche A blog on Compressive Sensing featuring the most recent information on the subject (preprints, presentations, Q/As)
Online Talks focused on Compressive Sensing
Wiki on sparse reconstruction


“The Fundamentals of Compressive Sensing” Part 1Part 2 and Part 3: video tutorial by Mark Davenport, Georgia Tech. at IEEE Signal Processing Society Online Tutorial Library.


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  2. Jump up^ CS: Compressed Genotyping, DNA Sudoku – Harnessing high throughput sequencing for multiplexed specimen analysis
  3. Jump up^ Compressive sampling makes medical imaging safer
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  13. Jump up^ L1-MAGIC is a collection of MATLAB routines [2]
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  17. Jump up^ The Physics arXiv Blog June 3, 2013 (2013-05-25). “Bell Labs Invents Lensless Camera | MIT Technology Review”. Retrieved 2013-06-04.
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  19. Jump up^ “InView web site”.
  20. Jump up^ “InView web site”.
  21. Jump up^ Engineers Test Highly Accurate Face Recognition
  22. Jump up^ By Jordan EllenbergEmail Author (2010-03-04). “Fill in the Blanks: Using Math to Turn Lo-Res Datasets Into Hi-Res Samples | Wired Magazine”. Retrieved 2013-06-04.
  23. Jump up^ Why Compressed Sensing is NOT a CSI “Enhance” technology … yet !
  24. Jump up^ Surely You Must Be Joking Mr. Screenwriter

Engineers Test Highly Accurate Face Recognition


Refered from   by Thomas Blumensath


Mike Davies
Ronald A. DeVore
David Donoho
Michael Elad

Mário Figueiredo
Alison Fletcher
Jean-Jacques Fuchs
Anna Gilbert
Vivek Goyal
Rémi Gribonval
Jarvis Haupt
Miachael Lewicki
Michael Lustig
Robert Nowak
Bruno Olshausen
Gabriel Peyré
Mark Plumbley 
Bhaskar D. Rao
Holger Rauhut
Emmanuel Ravelli
Justin Romberg
Terrence Sejnowski
Karin Schnass
Jared Tanner
Terence Tao
Joel Tropp
Yaakov Tsaig
Pierre Vandergheynst
Roman Vershynin
Martin Vetterli
Michael Wakin
Mehrdad Yaghoobi




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