Faculty Development Program on
Basics of MATLAB
Lovely Professional University

Dates: 06-06-14 to 07-06-14
Time: 10:00AM to 04:00 PM

Welcome all the Faculties in FDP on MATLAB, This two days  Workshop is intended to cover Basic of MATLAB which will be prerequisite for all the subsequent session of MATLAB for specific Department

Contents, Schedule and Logistics












* if time permits



Quizzes will be uploaded as per schedule and time

Note: Be careful, You can attend quiz only once, all quizzes are time limited

[WpProQuiz 14]

[WpProQuiz 16]
[WpProQuiz 17]
[WpProQuiz 19]

Final Quiz will be conducted offline in Room No – 25-306 on Monday (09/06/2014) at 04:00 PM. Duration of Test will be 20 min. and questions will be multiple choice.
Attendance is mandatory.



FeedBack of MATLAB FDP session click here


[WpProQuiz_toplist 14]
[WpProQuiz_toplist 16]
[WpProQuiz_toplist 17]
[WpProQuiz_toplist 19]
[WpProQuiz_toplist 18]




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